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Embroidery base fabric forms the basis for the creative poetry and extravagance of embroidery, from which seductive and luxurious lingerie is produced. Our challenge is to develop pleasant and comfortable qualities of fabric that are not only light and transparent, but meet the high technical requirements of the embroidery industry. Today, as in [...]

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Fashion & fantasy qualities are based on a special, electronically controlled active technology. Patterned effects and designs can be placed on the tulle in this way. These qualities can be used as embroidery or plain fabric.

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Within the easy-shape range, qualities with open mesh structures were developed, the so-called power-mesh qualities. These have the same characteristics as easy-shape products, but are lighter and more transparent thanks to the open-mesh structure. Power-mesh qualities are suitable for side panels and can also be embroidered.



With easy-shape, we are able to offer a new product generation for one of the fastest growing categories in the lingerie industry – shapewear. Our many years of experience in functional sportswear means we can develop lingerie-textiles that offer these additional impressive features and functions that are beneficial to consumers: moisture management hygienic properties [...]



Increasingly, natural fibres (cotton, rayon) are being used in high-tech knitted products, which entirely in keeping with the zeitgeist of a demanding clientèle.



People are now talking a lot about tulle and embroidery fabric made from recycled polyester, which comes from PET bottles. Eschler Thaiknit has obtained the certificate for the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) 4.0 for this.



As a lecturer at the Swiss Textile Technical School in Zurich STF, Peter Eschler teaches various education and training modules, such as product development, innovation management, technical and functional textiles, smart textiles, etc. He does, however, provide other training courses and holds lectures in Switzerland and abroad for other institutions. [...]



Peter Eschler provides his services to assist with strategic matters, working for executive boards and advisory boards. His current activities include assignments throughout the entire textile chain, in Europe and Asia. For example, for fully integrated day clothing and nightwear manufacturers with their own sales structures (online/offline) via sports‑, occupational health and safety [...]



Through the funding platform association, “Startfeld”, in St. Gallen, he helps young textile entrepreneurs, especially in the technical field of textile manufacturing, starting with the yarn selection, via process technologies to production, covering the entire textile chain, from A to Z.



Peter Eschler grew up in Teufen, in Appenzell Ausserrhoden, where, he still lives with his family after years of travel and training. After high school and military service, he studied “textile chemistry” at Reutlingen University (Germany), and in 1986 he completed an additional diploma in “Business economics and marketing” at the Niederrhein technical [...]

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